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The Misadventures of Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth and Miles Edgeworth (Ozine 2012)

This journal entry will be public for a week, after which I'll be locking it to friends only. If you haven't added me yet and you think you should, ADD ME but let me know somehow - 

ANYWAY. Ozine Fest was last April 13-15, but I dropped by on the 14th to meet up with [personal profile] perfumedrooms and [personal profile] xcerpted at their doll
booth, as well as [personal profile] meme. At first, I was like NO I AM NOT PUTTING ON THE FOUR LAYERS OF DEATH because I was supposed to cosplay Edgeworth (again! My gosh, who else do I even cosplay) but because it's summer and the weather is burning like crazy, I decided not to. Seriously, I am not putting on the shirt, the vest, the blazer and the cravat for one day of con-ing unless I absolutely have to. But in the end, I decided to just pack the costume with me, see how hot it gets and if I can take the temperature.

I couldn't eat in the morning, or before lunch. -_- I only had half a donut and barely finished my ham and cheese wrap for lunch. It went into my bag to be eaten a few hours later. 

I also lost the prosecutor's badge I paid Nadine to make and panicked all over the place especially while snagging Puella Magi Madoka Magica from Gero. T_T Ugh ugh ugh ugh UGH. So those were the bad bits of news.

After [personal profile] meme left for her D&D, I changed into my costume, and as always, I felt really self-conscious. Oh, and not only was I able to meet up with [personal profile] perfumedrooms (who gave me a noogie) and[personal profile] xcerpted but we also ran into Nami again. 

While I hung out at the doll booth, one of the friends of the Godot we met during AME Monogatari last year walked up to me and invited me to join their AA cosplay group, which includes that Godot, I think. 

Then Kendrick, my cousin (who cosplayed fem!Sherlock but darn it I wasn't able to take pics of her) and others told me there was a Phoenix and another Edgeworth nearby. And that's where our misadventures began.

Guys, did you two just switch poses? 

...and apparently, I'm older than both of them. Let's just say one of them had college review classes the day before this. So Yeah. I ran into them and then I ended up hanging out with them for the rest of my stay. 

The only thing better than one Edgeworth is two Edgeworths. Never mind that I still need a less blinding suit...although it's less blinding in pictures...


And you know what this means?

EARTHQUAKE SHOT! Wow, it's so clear that I'm not wearing lawyer shoes. But before that and before we were told not to block the...whatever we were lying in front of...

ELEVATOR SHOTS! In which we take four trips up and down the elevator to get shots...and in which we may be banned from using these elevators ever again. Our Phoenix was even flashing his OBJECTION sign against the glass as we went - and he saw a security guard suddenly speaking over his walkie-talkie. HAHAHA.

Dropped my glasses when we took the shots - I thought I lost them for a moment orz


Thank you, Wright, for taking all these incriminating photos of us. When we got off the elevator, the attendant was probably pretty ticked and extra glad to see us go. After that ride, my legs got a little wobbly, sob.

We are so judging Ridiculously Photogenic Guy right now. I still want to be able to make that face again because I LOOK LIKE I'M JUDGING HIM EXTRA HARD

Last pic before I left, taken by my mom when I introduced my lawyerfriends to my family. XD Said lawyerfriends also asked me to join them in a future AA group cosplay - probably as either Iris, Kay, or fem!Edgeworth (as if I didn't look girly enough cosplaying regular Edgeworth).

I popped by on the 15th again to hopefully meet Kimi, but...orz, we had to leave early. T_T SOMEDAY. SOMEHOW. The 15th was extra crowded, too. And this time, I didn't buy a ticket anymore.

I've told my parents that I'll be having Yukiko Amagi's (Persona 4) costume made next, and [personal profile] meme will be my Chie~ I just need to grab the wig as well...and my blockmate and I might still cosplay Rider (Alexander the Great) and Waver Velvet from Fate/Zero. He said there's a group being formed too, I think. 

I'm definitely having a second Edgeworth suit made (not genderbent - at least, not yet), and I kind of also want to cosplay Homura Akemi or Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica someday. I know, I know, I have too many plans.

And I'm going to sleep early tonight. GRADUATION IS TOMORROW AW YEAH! 
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Aaaaa you know [personal profile] xcerpted?! ♥

also you look awesome dear. i don't think i'm ever gonna get to do my black jack cosplay ;____; or ema skye cosplay. wheep.